About K.Y

Kyler Smith (born August 15, 1994) his moms youngest, professionally known as DJKY, from Cleveland, Ohio. Most recently known as the official Manager/DJ for recording artist Lil Cray. Best known for his young age, starting his craft of mixology in the 10th grade where he had the chance to practice his passion of being a well known DJ. Planning his own events for High-Schoolers, College and 21+. Recently in 2016 putting together his own Music Festival “Power-Fest” that included some of the top acts around the country at the time. Developing a demanding brand for DJ KY that people can’t stay away from, using the power of social media to grow his following and make people fall in love with him for not only his skills but personality. Some would say his father death in 2010 sparked a drive of never giving up, and the hunger he shows for the path he has chosen. During the Kicking It With DJ KY series, He toured along side with many main stream artist across the country in sold out venues. He have done DJ sets for various radio stations such as Radio One (z107.9) which he is currently employed at, Hip-Hop Nation & Sway In The Morning.